Friday, October 24, 2008

Wednesday - half day Whee! Part 1 for those who tango

Wednesday is a half day at Intensivo
Now we do forward sacadas in every possible combination. I'll list them out for my own memories.

We also learn how to figure out whether the leader is going in the same direction as the follower or opposite directions. Again, it depends on which step of the giro you are in - it's not as simple as it sounds.

I find that I have a hard time doing followers front sacadas. I freak out about walking into the leaders. The leaders all seem perplexed and insist that I should be just following their chest. Yes, I know this but who would normally walk into someone's body on purpose even if that person told you to?

I'm so glad we have the afternoon off. A quick lunch and then off I skip to Comme Il Faut. I've heard stories about the bitchy salesladies but my experience was pleasant. They asked me what kind of shoe I was looking for (open toed, size 37, 8 cm heels - umm, just in case you really wanted to know) and then brought heaps and heaps of shoes for me to try. The ones I saw were all lovely and I ended up surprising myself with one of the shoes. It was a pair of gold dalmation print. Sounds horrifying, I know. They looked so-so in the box but when I put them on everyone in the room collectively breathed in,"Ohhh!" A pretty good indicator that the shoes worked. Happy happy happiness. Shoe pictures to come soon.

Can't waste the day so I took a class with Anita and Pablo at Tango Brujo. I really like this studio. The teachers are friendly and available and funny and warm and it's just an all around nice place. I definitely recommend taking classes here. We learned more sacadas and a leaders gancho during a follower's back cross.

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