Sunday, October 19, 2008

Day 3 - A saturday

Not surprisingly, I woke up late today and wandered down to Malasartes for breakfast. This time I was smart and ordered the desayuno domicilio which came with tea, fresh orange juice toast, cream cheese and lots of jam. Vendors were at full steam in Plaza Serrano and it was completely transformed.

While walking back to the subte, I found this strange tree with yummy looking fruit on it. There was also a loquat tree that everyone was ignoring. I thought about climbing into it and picking some of the juicy fruit but that might alarm people which wouldn't bode well.

I caught a lesson with Chan Park of TangoZen ( Very simple and meditative. We focused on changing our weight completely and to energize our standing side when we walked (see??? you can never work too much on walking). Then some simple side steps and playing with rythm. But mostly just really FEELING your partner.  Chan is friendly and chatted with me a bit.  Hope to see more of him in the coming two weeks.

I scurried back to Palermo to have a private with Cecilia Piccini.  I worked on leading boleos and they are freakin' hard to lead.  Even the "with" boleos, I kept using my arms and shoulders to much.  Too much effort.  I was also mucho nervous leading such an accomplished follower but she is sweet and pointed out that I needed to open up my chest so she could get a clearer lead.  Whew.  I asked her to recommend a good milonga and she said that Saturdays were not good because it would be too crowded.  Fine by me.  I took a slow night and ate dinner at Minga (  I wanted to jump into my salad and revel in the fact that I was eating vegetables, beautiful vegetables!  Of course I had to follow that up with a chunk of sirloin.  Yes, it was flavorful and juicy.  My first contact with parrilla and it was good.  Dessert was queso y dulce - a gigantic slab of soft cheese layered with an equally large slab of membrillo (quince) paste.  It was good but not my favorite.  I am, however, digging jugo de pomelo con gas which is grapefruit juice with soda water.  Yumyum.

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