Wednesday, October 8, 2008


After reading Omnivore's Dilemma, I was inspired to go mushrooming hunting. I got a mushroom identification book out of the Ag school's library and starting looking around. So far all the mushrooms I've found have been non-edible or poisonous. But here are some samples:

Inocybe fastigiata var. umbrinella (
This was growing in the mulch of the garden outside my office

Also nearby was a small brown mushroom with a semi-sphere hat and a long white stem. Very cute. I think it is either a Mycena or a Psilocybe.

Turkey Tail on a stump near my house

I found a whole bunch of mushrooms growing near the pines in my front yard. They are all boletes. There is probably a Suillus luteus and a Suillus americanus. The other two I'm not sure of. One has a fuzzy beige cap with a grey underside and the other looks like Suillus americanus but brown instead of weird icky yellow. They were sticky and made my fingertips itchy. Apparently they are edible but may cause dermatitis.

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