Thursday, October 23, 2008



was spent walking along the main strip of San Telmo, Defensa, where vendors line the streets. I'm surprised at the number of hippies here. It's almost like hippie alley. They are industrious hippies though, not wasting a minutes, always knitting or tying wire for jewelry or braiding that hemp like you wouldn't believe. It took a long time to get to the Plaza where a, surprise, tango show was going on. The technique was a little loose but the crowd loved it.

At night I was lucky to get a seat at Thuy's closed door restaurant "A Little Saigon." The dinner was lovely and populated by a nice friendly crowd. We ate baked(!) dumplings for the hors d'oevres. The appetizer was scallion pancake made with rice flour. The main course was pho. I looove soup and noodles so it was heaven for me. I slurped my noodles, savored the beef and then drained my bowl of all the broth. Dessert was mochi stuffed with red bean paste, mooncakes and green tea cakes, all moistened with jasmine tea. Very yum. And it was fun to hang out with Thuy and Ben and other English speaking folk discussing the compliments that Argentine gentlemen will pay ladies (Linda, hey linda) and who we are voting for. Hey, how's that going btw?

La Viruta was the milonga for the night. I got there around 1:30 am and it was still swinging. Located in the basement of the Armenian Social Club, it has that dark club feeling. The dancing is nice and the crowd seemed energetic. An Argentine asked me to dance in the middle of a milonga. Oi, it was fun but milonga is not my forte. Actually, after all these days with Luciana, I'm starting to think nothing is really my forte. I liked La Viruta.

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