Friday, October 17, 2008

Day Uno = looong day

After a long journey to JFK, I was treated to a long flight. It was amazing to fly down the East Coast and see cities lit up at night. I was able to make out Long Beach Island, Rehobeth, Washington DC, Norfolk and then we veered away from the coast while Charleston was in the distance. Woke up again flying over Northern Argentina. Saw a beautiful swamp and rivers. The farms are just starting to sprout now.

In Buenos Aires, it's springtime. I didn't think it would affect how I felt as much as it did. Spring feels very different from fall, it feels like things are waking up again (but I never went into hibernation). The leaves on the trees are a bright tender green. There are many lime trees and trees in purple flower. They give off a heady scent. Walked around Palermo, had tea at Plaza Serrano and had an omlette for lunch at a little stand. Then a well needed nap. Had a nice but non-memorable dinner at Kendra. I ate at 8pm and was the only customer there. As I was leaving people were starting to populate the restaurants. What do these people do after work??? When I get home at night, all I can think about is dinner.

Stopped by Tango Soho for a class (in Spanish) and practica. The practica was populated by young cute talented leaders and that made me happy. Mmmm. But then there are more talented, beautiful and sultry followers. Hmmm. Didn't get too many dances but got to dance with Tim, who happens to be from DC. This struck me as hilarious since DC folks don't dance with me in DC. He asked me how long I had been in BA and I had to stop and think hard.

"I think I got here today?" I said uncertainly and he laughed. I left the practica at 12:30 and flopped into bed.

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Meghan said...

Ah jet lag. I remember it well.

And you are sultry, I'll bet you could sult the pants off of the Argentine girls. Plus I'll bet none of them could work a LPE machine.