Sunday, October 26, 2008


Café culture here is about 236 times more interesting than coffee shops in the states. (Did you notice that 2x3=6?) As I mentioned in my Havanna blurb, the coffees and teas here cost about 2$ and you get a whole little microcosm including espresso of your choice, a thimble of juice or water and a small sweet biscuit brought to you by a waiter or waitress. USA coffee shops - read this and learn!

Here are a smattering of the cafe offerings I've encountered:

Bartok's in Palermo Viejo (the service here was terrible!) had three tiny shortbreads and lime wedges.
An old school cafe on Santa Fe near Rodriguez Pena (very lovely service and setting) had a tea strainer in the cup with its own holder, heated cups, a tiny pitcher of hot water (?), mini pillows of sweet crackers and a glass of aqua.
Another stop at Havanna included a fancy teapot, saucers that were convex so it was easy to pick up the cup, a tumbler of aqua con gas, and a chocolate covered biscuit. In the lower right corner is a Havannet, which is a huge mound of dulce de leche on top of a cookie wafer that is then covered in chocolate.
A swanky cafe on a corner of Plaza de Mayo comes with a mini alfajores.

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