Saturday, June 26, 2010

turf and surf

Took the loooong bus ride to climb Olomana. The bus system here is pretty great. I was amazed that I could take a bus that basically dropped me off in front of the Olomana trail head. It is very slow though. We waited 10 minutes for the bus to come, then it took 30 minutes to go across Waikiki to the Ala Moana shopping center. If you are leaving from Waikiki, get thyself to the Ala Moana shopping center (which just looks like/is a gigantic multilevel parking lot) and then take the #57. Tell your bus driver that you're going to Olomana or Maunawili Falls. The bus will then randomly stop in the middle of a intersection on a busy road and you will get off thoroughly confused. However, look to the west and you will see a little road running parallel to the big road. Walk over the bridge and towards the guard station of the fancy golf course. Talk with the guard there. He'll point you to the trail head and tell you to be careful of the wild pigs and suggest you carry some metal with you to ward them off.

This was all gleaned by experience. None of the native islanders we asked really knew about the trail, so we were kind of winging it. It is the same stop that goes to Maunawili Falls. Basically the stop is at an intersection of a very busy highway. Once you get off immediately turn left and go down what looks like an access road. Keep walking down the road and you'll pass by the guard house for the golf course. We stopped and talked with guard there and he gave us some good information about the trail.

The trail was beautiful, starting in forests, with roosters crowing in the distance, and passionfruit vines flanking the trail.

It soon opened up to a clearing revealing the red clay underneath:

Here is where it started to get quite steep. There were some old ropes to help you climb up but it was pretty scrambly. I was actually really happy to climb up some rocks. Haven't done it in so long.

And Oh! the view:
After a while there is a breezy shady little pine grove to rest in

After the hike, it was time for the beach! With our transfers in hand, we hopped back on the 57 and got off in the town of Kailua. Unfortunately, Kailua beach is about a 20-30 min walk from the town which was annoying. But when we finally climbed over the dune and saw the beach, it was worth it.

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