Sunday, December 14, 2008

And it's a wrap!

I've been home from Buenos Aires for about a month now. I apologize profusely for leaving the blog just hanging after posting so diligently in the city of tango, parillas and dog poop. But I'm home safe and sound and hey, how come none of you asked if I was okay or wrote me to make sure I wasn't kidnapped?! Oh well.

The last entry was a round up of the milongas and practicas I have visited. I was busy my second week in BA going around the city and taking classes from various studios like Tango Brujo and Escuela (can't remember rest of name - it's located in the Borges Cultural Center in a fancy shopping mall). I took some great milonga classes with Eugenia at Escuela. But then I took a class at DNI and that was that. I spent the rest of the week taking classes at DNI and having a great time. DNI is like a beautiful peaceful hippie commune where everybody shares in the chores, the teachers come around during class, the teachers DANCE with you and the students are friendly and want to connect with the other students. I also found the teaching methodology quite nice and enjoyed all the teachers I took classes from. Even though I fear that DNI is too popular already, I assume that hardly anyone will read this so: If you go to BA for tango, take classes at DNI!

Jackie from Tango Pulse flew into BA early in the week and it was a blast working with her in classes, catching up over pasta and lomos and dancing with her. It made me realize that tangoing in BA is lots more fun with a group. The final night before leaving, we went to see Tanghetto again. The last day in BA was sad. I ate at an Uruguayan restaurant in Palermo Hollywood for lunch and then found myself at the airport so suddenly. A thunderstorm followed us the whole way north and lightening lit up the dark night. Then back in JFK on a cold rainy day, riding the train, feeling tired and quiet.


Chaj√° (amazing dessert with cake, whipped cream,
meringue and fruit all smooshed together)

Next up we'll return to our regular programming ... ice cream and soufflé.

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