Monday, September 24, 2007

Comme Il Faut Disastor!

The heel tips on my cute CIL's were getting worn down and uneven so I thought I would take them to a local shoe repair shop (Abbott's Shoe Repair in Newark, Delaware) to have them changed. Mistake, mistake, mistake! I got the shoes back and the heels were so ugly! They had scratched up and dented the end of the heel, put on heels tips that were too big so the line of the heel was broken and did not put the heel tip on all the way so that there is a big gap between the heel and the tip. I'll post pictures later when I've stopped crying. From now on, I'll only replace my heel tips at a store that has high satisfaction with many tangueras. This might mean going to NYC or B.A. Ugh. So mad at Abbott's!!!

***Update*** Armed with a tough looking male friend, I went back to Abbots to tell them about their shoddy work and ask for a refund. When I showed them the heels, they started to take them to the back while shouting "These shoes are real problems for us," as if it were the stupid shoe's fault not theirs. We prevented them from doing more work, they got super angry at us for telling them that they scratched up the heel (as if it weren't true and right before their eyes), some money was thrown at us and basically we were told to leave the store. Yeah, they could work on their customer service...

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